You only have to watch the news to see that safely ridding of asbestos can be expensive, with the number of reports of the council having to clear up the fly tipping from thoughtless and unscrupulous people who don’t spare a thought for the health of anyone else. Rather than paying for the cost of removing asbestos in Liverpool themselves, they simply dump the highly dangerous waste in quiet country lanes so that the tax payer picks up the bill for their activities, while pocketing all of the money they’ve charged themselves.

As asbestos is a serious health hazard when it is damaged, it is imperative that it is removed and disposed of correctly, and not have domestic hazardous waste placed in normal refuse bins. Liverpool council have very clear guidelines on what to do to dispose of asbestos, but if you want help from a professional asbestos contractor, rather than risk your health handling it yourself, you can get a free quote using the form on this page.

When you balance the cost of getting the job done properly with the potential risk to your health and that of those that share the building with you, it’s clearly not worth the gamble to try and save some money if you don’t have the training or the awareness to deal with the problem competently and safely.