Asbestos has, in the past, been a very common feature in homes and other construction projects. It wasn’t until the turn of the century that the serious health risks were fully understood and the substance was banned.

Asbestos Removal Sussex

Removing asbestos without professional and qualified assistance threatens your long term health.

Today, the biggest threat is the asbestos contained within the materials that buildings are made from, such as the artex used towards the end of the last century on walls and ceilings and the type of asbestos roof commonly seen on garages, sheds and carports.

Due to the housing boom during the years that asbestos was in greatest use, it’s possible that there is a large about of material out there in Sussex that may be hazardous if it becomes damaged. You can get professional help from the bigger towns across the county, with many of the licensed contractors in areas including Brighton and Hastings.

The good news is that most asbestos will be safe until it is disturbed, as it is the dust that is created as materials become damaged that poses a threat. It is when this dust is breathed by humans that it becomes lodged in the lungs and silently sits there until health problems develop many years later.

If you think that asbestos is contained in a material in your home or somewhere else you have contact with, you can have an asbestos test performed, and any dangerous material can be removed and disposed of safely by professional licensed contractors.

You can get a quote for professional help from a local asbestos removal contractor in Sussex to find out about the cost of asbestos removal here.