Many buildings in Surrey contain asbestos in some form. While the most common places that you’ll find this substance is in garage roofing and fireproofing of business premises, you’ll also find it in the home in things like artex.

Asbestos Removal Surrey

Breathing in asbestos dust can kill you years later. Call in the experts to get it removed.

As the majority of the health hazards come from asbestos in dust form, it is usually completely safe until disturbed. For this reason, you should get help from a contractor if you’re needing to have materials containing asbestos removed.

Having said that, wear and tear in a building can eventually lead to the chance of harmful fibres being released into the air, so if there are visible signs of deterioration in an area that you think might contain asbestos, err on the side of caution – when in doubt seek professional help.

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